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To see where we all hang out for information, support, or just to be social, click the link below:

Working and Pumping Board

For our members who "graduate", there is a board, established in 2001 by ParentsPlace, called When Pumping Ends/Former Pumpers. This board was created in response to a number of alumnae looking for a place to go to keep in touch with the friends they made on the W&P and also for continued support as their children grew older.

When Pumping Ends

* Linda Wyatt's Parenting Page (lots of thought-provoking articles about BF):
* The Working Cow:
* Laura's Pumping Page (great tips for cleaning pumps, comparing pumps, etc.):
* Dr. Jack Newman's articles (a doctor on BF):
* Representative Maloney's Info about Legislation & Breastfeeding
* American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on BF
* Working & Pumping Board
* Breastfeeding Board
* Human Milk Banking Association
* Other General Breastfeeding Links
* Carseat Survey List
* An Anthropology Professor's site on BF
* 101 Reason to BF
* BF Art Gallery

Places to buy pumps, nursing bras, etc. on the web:
* Baby Love Products (a Candian company that sells pumps, etc. If you're in the States, you can get a good deal on a breastpump here--as long as the exchange rate is favorable!):
* One Hot Mama (nursing bras, clothes, funny "advice column for dads"):
* Sparrow's Nest (source for Bravado Bras!):
* Breastpumps, etc. (pumps and accessories, books on BF):
* Breast is Best Website (great site for comparing nursing bras, sells bras, pumps, slings, etc.):
* Lactation Innovation (sells pumps, slings, nursing clothes, nursing pillows, etc.):
Organizations that support breastfeeding
* La Leche League
* Bright Future Lactation Resource Centre (supports doctors, lactation consultants, etc. but also has good info for the layperson):
* Promotion of Mother's Milk, inc.(a non-profit organization--great info on BF and on becoming a BF advocate):
Personal web sites with great info!
* These are the 2 pages we got the majority of our info for this FAQ from:
Becky Flora's site:
Kelly's Attachment parenting site:
* Pumping Mom's Information Exchange (with info on subscribing to their awesome listserv!):

See the W&P Guide and the FAQ's for additional info. And more coming soon!